Why wordpress is so popular

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Why wordpress is so popular

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) built on the top of PHP programming language. It’s a pseudo MVC architecture based system which offers advanced functionality. WordPress is open source, which means any body can use it in their commercial projects and build application and functionality on the top of the platform. The ease with which wordpress can be used and leveraged is mind blowing. So much so that approximately 34% of the websites are powered by WordPress. You can gauge its popularity from that fact alone.

What makes wordpress so popular ?

In simple terminology, its simple, cost effective and fast to build on. Here are top reasons why wordpress website development is so popular.

  1. Open Source and Free

WordPress is open source and free to use. It means that the wordpress installation is available for use and modification by general public around the world. Millions of developers collaborate on open source projects and they keep it upgraded. They pitch in their own advancements from their own experience and with general consensus, it gets updated in the project.

  1. Plugins and Themes

There are thousands of wordpress themes and plugins in the market. While themes target the aesthetic value of any website, the plugins extend the functionality of the website. Some of the most eye catching designs of websites are found in wordpress themes. Mostly all themes come with some form of drag and drop builder framework which really makes wordpress become as powerful.

  1. SEO advantage

Search engines love wordpress. Due to its structure and due to the availability of plugins, it has become one of the most powerful SEO friendly applications on the market. With few plugins you can write custom title tags, meta tags and meta descriptions of 1000 pages. Moreover, every SEO campaign today is fundamentally based upon content. Remember wordpress is a content management system.

  1. Woocommerce

Woocommerce is actually a plugin. It is now being used by thousand of stores to power their ecommerce model. Woocommerce has come a long way from being a small plugin to a full fledged cart. Again there are thousands of woocommerce themes through which people are powering their stores. Modern plugins let you build custom woocommerce form and process payments. Almost every payment gateway out there has a ready made woocommerce plugin.

  1. Drag and Drop interface

WordPress is the most flexible platform when it comes to making changes on the fly. Plugins such as elementor and wp bakery builder (visual composer) really transform wordpress into a power house with powerful editing capabilities. With wordpress you can completely control content, images and customizations on your website. For a lot of changes you don’t even need developer support.

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